The future of your business is in data. Start using it to your advantage and discover its true value. We'll teach you how to work with them and make the right decisions.

We have already worked with more than 500 clients. We have data for benchmark and market development.
We connect the worlds of finance and marketing. We'll find out if your campaigns are really profitable.
Behind the numbers, we see your business and the money we can help you make or save.
We will help you to build BI reporting, and more importantly, we'll teach you how to use it

Did you know that..


90% of e-shop owners don't know how they make their money

E-shop owners often have data in different storage spaces and therefore cannot interpret them correctly. Instead of taking logical steps, they choose random solutions and practically throw their money down the drain.

We connect the data effectively and create a realistic picture of your business. We optimize and automate processes and provide clear reports. Thanks to this, we can help you predict the development of your company in relation to the market behaviour.


5% of paying customers may leave you next month

By linking to customer data, we can take a detailed look at the customer journey and life cycle of each customer and identify their risky behaviour even before it happens. We simply peer into the future and tell you what to look out for.

We are able to identify premium customers and understand their behavioural patterns. That way, we can help you save money that's slipping away without you even knowing it.


10% growth of your company is not enough

You need to monitor market growth as well. That is the only way you will be able to react to its trends. You should know what your customers are interested in today and what they will want tomorrow. You simply need to be one step ahead.

With the marketing data we have at our disposal, we can give you a more accurate view of your business in the context of the entire market.

It really works!

The technologies
we work with

Power BI
Machine learning
Data Science
Web analytics
Microsoft Azure
Google Analytics

Who are we,
to manage all of this?

We are your new data experts! We belong to the PROFICIO group and focus on contributing to your business. We don't create analyses so you can put them aside. We turn them into results right away.

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